Poem-a-Thon 2018

It’s almost April, National Poetry Month, and that means it’s time for my annual Poem-a-Thon. If you sponsor me by donating to Welcoming America, you’ll get a newly written poem emailed to you every day in April! To sponsor me, visit http://donate.welcomingamerica.org/poemathon. You can read about how Welcoming America works locally at the grassroots level to help form relationships between immigrants and refugees and those who are established in towns and cities. You can let me know when you donate what email you’d like poems sent to, or you can contact me through my me website.

In the past, I’ve fundraised over $2,000 for the Bullycide Project, and close to $1,000 for the Matthew Shepard Project.  Given our countries issues in the past year with immigration, DACA, and whether or not to continue allowing refugees into the US, I wanted to focus giving there. Welcoming America has an amazing program, and their webpage details their work. I also read through their 2016 annual report and saw that 66% of the money they bring in goes directly into programming, I hope you’ll visit their website and see the amazing work they do.